Transport Film Festival at Spa Valley Railway

11th and 12th May

Join us for an exciting new event in 2019!
Featuring all of our stations and our two train service, we’re bringing you the unique opportunity to see a variety of transport films at Tunbridge Wells West, Groombridge and Eridge.

Travel all day on Steam and Diesel trains of the Spa Valley Railway and enjoy classic and original short transport films being shown at venues at each of the three main stations, including a rare opportunity to visit the unique Vintage Mobile Cinema bus. Films, some on 16mm and 8mm, of ships, planes, cars and trains dating from 1930’s to present day.

Film Shows
Your OPEN All Day Rover Ticket includes entrance to Films being shown at Tunbridge Wells West, Eridge and in the unique Vintage Mobile Cinema (VMC) bus parked at Groombridge.

However, because of very limited capacity in the Cinema bus you may wish to choose to buy your ticket with a RESERVED seat for a TIMED show, otherwise you just take your chance. These timings have been arranged to link with the two train service operating each day so that you should be able to visit the other stations easily.

NOTE: Your Timed VMC ticket is still valid on all trains. If you want to see all the films being shown you need to come on both days!

Tickets with times can be booked on this page, alternatively you can just book a rover ticket for all day travel with no reservation here.

Departures from Tunbridge Wells West: 10:20, 11:10, 12:00, 12:50, 13:40, 14:30, 15:20 and 16:10.
Departures from Eridge: 11:10, 12:00, 12:50, 13:40, 14:30, 15:20, 16:10 and 17:00.

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