Have you celebrated Burns Night?


Have you ever celebrated Burns Night? Historically its a celebration of Robert Burns and includes Haggis, ‘tatties and neaps’ which are usually accompanied by a ‘wee dram’ of whiskey. Sometimes there is also an ‘Ode to the Haggis’ before it is cut up and distributed. Dessert to follow is usually a Scottish special – cranachan which is a lovely mix of cream, raspberries, honey, whiskey and oats.

What makes the celebration special is the theatre of the arrival of the haggis which is traditionally piped in by bagpiper in full tartan dress. Many people also dress in tartan to make the evening a truly Scottish experience!

Sussex Country Gardener are offering two Burns lunches for £14 during this week and next. Visit the lovely restaurant and take the opportunity to browse their great selection of plants. www.sussexcountrygardener.co.uk

Ashdown Park has a special Burns Night supper on Thursday 25th which includes a Scottish piper in full dress and an ode to the Haggis. www.ashdownpark.com.

Blackboys Inn has a Burns Night supper on Saturday. Once again this includes a three course meal including Haggis and Cranachan. Please book in advance www.theblackboys.co.uk

if you haven’t celebrated Burns Night before, why not enjoy a great night out and embrace this very Scottish celebration! For further details visit www.ashdownforest.com