600 Acre Wood in all its Autumn Glory!

23rd October 2017


The Ashdown Forest is a lovely place to explore. There always seems to be somewhere new to find and get to know!

Yesterday we went to Church Hill car park near Mardens Hill and Crowborough and had a lovely walk along Forest paths. We walked along the side of 600 acre wood – an area made famous by the AA Milne stories of Christopher Robin and enjoyed the beautiful autumn colours as well as the quiet. We only saw two people and a dog during our 1.5 hour walk.

After the strong winds there were carpets of sweet chestnuts under the trees and we brought home a bag of nuts to roast – some to eat now and some to freeze for Christmas.

There is always something new on the Forest.  Get out your AFTA map and let the kids choose a car park as a starting point.  Then explore the near by footpaths or pick up walks leaflets from the Forest Centre and follow the instructions.  At this time of year look out for sweet chestnuts, look at fungii – though don’t touch unless you really know which ones are safe. Also enjoy the autumn colours on the trees and the gorse which has just come into bloom! We are so lucky to have such lovely countryside near where we live!

The Forest Centre has a variety of walks leaflets which can be collected from the racks outside the Centre.