G2 Definite Genesis at Trading Boundaries

Friday 26th April

G2 Definitive Genesis are making their first visit to Trading Boundaries bringing their dedicated ‘Trick & Wind’ show.
G2 pay tribute to a vintage period in Genesis’ colourful history with songs from the four-man “Seconds Out” era (1975-78) and some treats from the earlier Gabriel years.

Accolades posted online from recent G2 shows include:

“Best Performance by ANY Tribute Band (not just Genesis ones either)
I have ever seen…”

“Thanks to all the guys from G2 who were out of this world, I really cannot describe how terrifyingly good you guys are.”

Hear classics such as Dance On A Volcano, Ripples, Entangled, Los Endos, Blood On The Rooftops, One For The Vine and Afterglow along with other highlights from the late ’70s. This is vintage Genesis, performed by G2 to a level Genesis themselves would be proud of! Well, Steve Hackett says he likes it…




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